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Frontline Spot On (Top Spot) for Dogs - 23 - 44 lbs - BLUE - 6 tubes

Frontline Spot On (Top Spot) for Dogs - 23 - 44 lbs - BLUE - 6 tubes
Part# 205
Type Flea & Tick
Brand Frontline Spot On (Top Spot)
Color / Dose BLUE
Pack Size 6 tubes
Pet For Dogs
Pet Weight 23 - 44 lbs
Expires 2025-Feb-1
User Rating  [Rate It!]
4.9 out of 5
(10 times)  [View Details!]

Unit Price $48.50

Frontline Spot On (Top Spot offers long-lasting, fast acting flea and tick control. Frontline contains fipronil, a flea adulticide. Fipronil works by affecting the parasite's (the flea's or tick's) nervous system causing paralysis and death of the parasite. Fipronil spreads over the pet's body with the body oils killing 98-100% of the fleas or ticks within 24-48 hours, and controlling transmission of tick-borne disease, such as Lyme disease.

Fipronil collects in the oils of the skin and hair follicles and then is released over time (up to 1 month) from the hair follicles onto the skin and hair.

Frontline stays on even with bathing, swimming, or exposure to sunlight. Approved for use on puppies 8 weeks of age and older.


Color Pets Weight (lb) Weight (kg) fipronil (9.7%)
Green For Cats 8 weeks or older 8 weeks or older 0.5ml
Orange Small Dogs under 22lbs under 10kg 0.67ml
Blue Medium Dogs 23 - 44lbs 10 - 20kg 1.34ml
Purple Large Dogs 45 - 88lbs 20 - 40kg 2.68ml
Red XL Dogs 89 - 132lbs 40 - 60kg 4.02ml

Manufacturer: Merial

5 - by Christopher Barrett "Evil Corgi", Portland, Oregon on 2012-Feb-24
Please note: this is not Frontline Plus - Frontline Plus has an added ingredient to eliminate young (adolescent) fleas. This is mainly a concern if your dog is infested. For someone whose dog does not currently have fleas, it works very well. I have been using this year round in Oregon and it has worked well. As the manufacturer describes, most fleas that would 'hop on' to your dog are mature, adult fleas. This takes care of those quickly. It also kills ticks and chewing lice. (Which is why this is slightly more preferred than other brands such as Advantix). Of note however... if you use Frontline Plus... It's actually cheaper (and has free shipping) on the 1800 pet meds site. And I would recommend ONLY buying from itself or a very highly rated 3rd party seller. Some of the 3rd party medicines might be diluted or stolen goods. From other reviews I've read that is. Just be careful to buy from top sellers that offer them in retail packaging. (Same with razor blade cartridges!) Bottom line: this is more of a FLEA REPELLENT while Frontline Plus is more of a FLEA ERADICATOR. -C
4 - by Sara J. Walsh "ahimsasara", middletown, ct on 2009-Nov-7
careful - this product is great but make sure you didn't want the plus, which also kills the flea eggs. this one does NOT kill flea eggs! i bought it by accident, the product is great for what it does but just be careful you aren't looking for frontline plus which also kills the eggs and larva.
5 - by JAF "JAF1960", Southern, CA on 2009-Jul-30
Better than Frontline Plus for our dog -
5 - by JH "JH", Philly, PA USA on 2009-May-27
Good for sensitive skin - We tried Hartz and the dreaded Seargent's brand... well our dog didn't do so well with it. She was continuously scratching and rubbing up against the couches when we put it on. Tried this brand and much much better results. It was like we didn't even put anything on her. Would recommend this product. Didn't want to pony up $30 for this, but if it makes my dog more comfortable it's worth it.
5 - by Lawrence Saywell "Melissa S.", Riverside, CA on 2009-Mar-9
Good for dogs with sensitive skin - One of my dogs has extremely sensitive skin. Every other flea treatment/ preventative we have tried has made him break out, but we have never had this problem with Frontline. Plus it's definitely one of the best flea/ tick killers on the market.
5 - by Richard May, Wentzville, MO United States on 2009-Feb-22
Frontline Flea and Tick - I've purchased this product for 10 years +. Works great!! The best part it works on ticks which is our dog's major problem. I've even put it on a relative's dog who came for a visit, within 3 days all fleas were gone. The price was the lowest I've seen in years.
5 - by J. Tew "Dog Lover", Delaware, Ohio USA on 2009-Jan-29
the safest, most effective flea/tick product - Merial Frontline Top Spot Flea and Tick Control for Dogs is the only flea and tick product we have used over almost 20 years and half a dozen dogs. It has none of the ivermectin related potential hazards of Heartgard. We use no other flea products in the house or yard and have never found a flea on any of our dogs. They will occasionally pick up a tick when they romp in the forest but they don't attach. Merial Frontline Top Spot Flea and Tick Control for Dogs is also effective against several common canine worms.
5 - by K. chaidez "Kelly C", marthasville, mo on 2008-Aug-20
top spot is our fav - front line plus does not work for my little guys..2 yorkies and 1 chihuahua its front line top spot that does the trick....I don't understand why.. but its a miracle here for us.. we live in a rural area nearer to the mighty miss. lots of crazy bugs.
5 - by Almost 60 - woman driver!, Atlanta, Ga. on 2008-Jul-12
It works - We have 2 b/w cocker spaniels and live in a very woodsy area of Georgia. Nothing bites our dogs and we have never found a tick on either of them.
5 - by Alaina C. Brock "Pet Pamperer", Virginia on 2007-Jul-4
Top Spot, Top Killer - I was at my wits end. We recently moved to Virginia and little did I think that the pest problem could be worse than Florida. Well, when it came to ticks, I was dead wrong. My poor little schnoodle would come inside from a short walk loaded with ticks, and I would have to sit down and pick them off one by one. Pretty soon she was sharing her ticks with the rest of the family. She had been previously on Frontline Plus, but that wasn't cutting it. So I looked at a number of reviews and found Frontline Top Spot was rated highly. So I tried it and within 48 hours I was no longer picking ticks off my dog, wooo hooo!! Now we are all tick free and as Happy as can be.

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